Feb. 1st, 2015

RIP Blackie

Feb. 1st, 2015 10:58 pm
csi_sanders1129: (boy love)
So, we had to put our cat to sleep tonight.

He was a stray who turned up outside our house not long after we moved in, and me and my Aunt Bernie spent a long time just feeding him outside everyday and getting him to trust us. Then we started letting him in the house. At first it was just for a night, and then it was, 'it's raining, he should stay in' and then it was 'it's winter, it's cold, he can't stay out in that,' and then 'it's summer, too hot, he should stay in' and then he just stayed in all the time. In the infinite creativity of kid!brains, we called him Blackie (and made this sound less common by declaring that his 'real name' was 'Blacken Decker,' a store at which my Aunt used to work, though, as is the case with most felines, we pretty much just said 'Here Kitty, kitty kitty!' Upon finally declaring him 'our cat' we took him to the vet, only to discover he was already fixed. He'd belonged to someone before, or else he'd gotten caught in one of those catch and release traps and had been fixed. He also had a claw that wouldn't retract, and the vet said this was likely from a BB gun. He'd had an exciting life before he came to us.

He used to always stay on my Aunt's side of the house, and while he was friendlier than the evilbitch!cat my parents had at the time, Amanda, he was still pretty shy. My Aunt died in 2001, but Blackie still mostly stayed on her side of our house, and over the years slowly migrated over. It was only in his senility that he started acting cat-like, either that or the dogs had finally rubbed off on him - he turned into this crazy begging fool. One day, just last fall, I'd made myself dinner, went to get a drink and found the cat on the table eating my food.

But, anyway. He had this thing on his side that finally ruptured and was bleeding everywhere, and so tonight was the night. A trip to the emergency vet and a couple hundred dollars later and that was it.

This is the first time in my life we haven't had a cat. It's kind of weird.
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