Jun. 20th, 2015


Jun. 20th, 2015 06:27 pm
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So for Christmas, I got tickets to the Newsies Musical.

But, that is only Part 1 of today's adventurous day of adventure.

Mom and I left the house around 1030 and made it to DC (after some trafficy nonsense) by like 1245ish, I think? We managed to find a place to park without issue, grabbed a rather unimpressive lunch, wandered around Barnes and Noble for a bit and headed to the National Theater, where the show started at 2.

We had pretty awesome seats - like 6th row on the left orchestra - and the building was blissfully cool after the gross humidity outside. The people behind us had no idea what the show was about, like no idea, so it was a rather interesting eavesdropped conversation listening to their theories based on the playbill.

I've seen the movie a ton of times and well, there were a lot of changes.



Jun. 20th, 2015 11:59 pm
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Adventurous Day Part 2!

After a traffic-y jaunt from DC to Columbia, Mom and I got to Merriweather around 630. She took off for home, but Dad and I grabbed some food from the mall and found a decent spot in the parking garage across the street from Merriweather. We chilled for a little while, wandered over around 7, and chilled for a while, aware that some inclement weather was incoming.

There was only one opening group - The Antlers, who I have never heard anything by, but have heard of. They were supposed to start at 8 and Hozier as suppoer to start at 9. However, at 745, someone came out and announced that the Antlers would play early and that after, as the storms were rolling in, they'd go on rain delay. They said that anyone under the pavillion (us, luckily) should stay put in their seats, but that anyone on the lawn should go back to their cars until they gave the all clear and then come back in. Sure enough, the Antlers played from 7:50 to 8:10 and then it started storming. It was pretty crazy for a while, some gusty winds, some heavy downpours, lots of thunder and lightning. Unfortunately, none of the storming did much to alleviate the obnoxious humidity.

Anyway, at 915, when things were starting to clear up a bit, they announced that Hozier would be starting at 935, so 20 more minutes to kill. Don't think it ever actually stopped raining, though.

He played a pretty cool set - only one song I wanted didn't get played and looking at past setlists, it appears that it doesn't usually (In The Woods Somewhere). Anyhow, he played: Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene, From Eden, Jackie & Wilson, To Be Alone - during that one, he tried to get people to echo the oh's in small bits, but everyone just kept doing the whole thing, lol - Someone New, It Will Come Back, In A Week, Illinois Blues (Skip James cover), Like Real People Do, Arsonist's Lullaby, Sedated, and Take Me To Church. Encored with Cherry Wine, Problem (Arianna Grande cover), and ended with Work Song at 11.

Got soaked on the way out, had a rainy drive home.

Dad and I were worried about pictures at first, because the lighting for the Antlers wasn't spectacular, but the lights for Hozier resulted in some pretty awesome pictures, as did the relatively mellow nature of the concert. We both got some great shots.
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