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Dec. 31st, 2014 11:49 pm
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List of ficcage for 2014:

Hunted - Hotel Transylvania
Banana Feels - Psych
Til Morning Comes - Scooby Doo
Snow Days - Hawaii 5-0
Miles to Go Before I Sleep - Primeval
Burning Brighter Still - Sky High
Drowning - My Babysitter's A Vampire
Seeing the Signs - Mind Games
Safe to Shore - Jaws
Rule #5: Stick Together - Zombieland
Memories Are Made of This - 100 Deeds for Eddie McDown
Used - Royal Pains
It Won't Be Me - Haven
Future Plans - Rugrats
While Rome Burned - Night at the Museum
Living, Not Surviving - Person of Interest
Fault - Hawaii 5-0
Worry - Forgotten
Understanding - Almost Human
Haywire - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Safe Haven - Maleficent
A Bang Up Marriage Proposal - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Reasonable Doubt - Numb3rs
A Stolen Moment - Walking Dead
Sleep - Numb3rs
Out of the Cold - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Surprises - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Yuletide Fic]

Word Count: 66,107

Favorite fic:
There are a lot of fics that I really like up there. Some of them turned out way better than I thought they would, especially some of the longer ones. Also, some of the short ones came out pretty good, too. I hadn't written much short stuff lately, so being able to tell a decent story in less than a thousand words was a bit of a novel feeling.

Least favorite fic:
There are a few that got to the 'fuck it, I don't care how, but this needs to end' stage, so those seem a little rushed, at least to me.

Hardest to write:
Ehh, some things just didn't want to end. A lot of that evidence is more so languishing in my work in progress folder. Everything that got done was at least partially easy to write. But, endings - those fuck me up sometimes.

Easiest to write:
Hmm... I don't know. I've been putting more thought into writing, so none of it's been like 'hey, let me write this in one night!' Except, oh, wait. Scratch that. Numb3rs was pretty much like that, just done in a night. And the Psych fic? Those were both quickly written, at least , though that's not to say they weren't well thought out (I hope).

The story most underappreciated by the universe:
I think everything got at least one or two reviews, even the weird stuff. And I've kind of stopped caring if things get reviewed or not, even read. I like to write because I like to write, and I do it mostly for my own enjoyment. Not to say that I don't like reviews, because reviews and comments and kudos are awesome, but that's not why I'm writing.

Most fun story:
The ridiculous Psych fic, I guess? Or the KKBB proposal fic, that was pretty fun.

Sexiest story:
What even had sex in it this year? Hm. Ugh, there was... only the Hansel/Ben thing, I think? Huh. That, I guess.

Biggest surprise:
I don't know what's up with the Night at the Museum fic, if it got recc'ed somewhere and I don't know about it or if there were just a lot of people in search of fic with the 3rd movie coming out, but it's gotten a lot of kudos lately and I am fucking perplexed. The Walking Dead fic was pretty damn popular, too.

Looking back, did you write more fic this year? or less? or about the same as you thought you would?
More than last year, by a long shot. Less than the year before, though. Granted, again, there was a lot of stuff I worked on this year that isn't finished.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you never would have predicted a year ago?
A lot, I guess. I ventured into a few new ones. Not that I didn't think I'd ever write them, they just didn't exist. Some of them had short runs - Almost Human, for one. And Mind Games got cancelled after like 5 episodes.

Greatest risk taken:
Mm, writing for weird fandoms?

What are your goals for this year?
Write more. Keep writing. Black-out another bingo card (or more). Try a few more fandoms on for size. Maybe do something original? And, as always, write more.

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