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Title: After Party
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Romance.
Ratings: T
Word Count: 1,345
Pairings/Characters: Josh Miller/Cooper Frederickson
Synopsis: This is the craziest party Josh has been to in three and a half years at Daleman. An impressive claim, since Cooper seems to be determined to throw exponentially more ridiculous parties every chance he gets, for the smallest of reasons.
Comments: Haven't written anything for Dead Man on Campus in, like, years? Had this random idea and went with it. Ugh, established relationship, set in their senior year. Warning for canonical drug use, drinking, surprisingly no bad language in this. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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Title: Another Adventure
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Humor. Friendship. Romance. PWP. Adventure.
Ratings: M
Word Count: 2,685
Pairings/Characters: Tulio/Miguel.
Synopsis: In which Miguel has a terrible plan and Tulio, as usual, goes along with it. Turns out it is a not so terrible plan.
Comments: This has been in progress for so long now and it's finally, finally done! It spiraled a little out of my control, but whatever. Set before the movie. First try writing for Road to El Dorado, so hopefully they come across okay. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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Title: Paradise
Chapters: 1/?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Angst. Drama. Romance. Friendship. Post-Movie.
Ratings: T
Word Count: 1,288
Pairings/Characters: Curtis Everett/Edgar.
Synopsis: In which Curtis is surprised enough that he wakes up after the train crash, and more surprised to find he's not alone.
Comments: Just saw the movie like last week and needed something happier than the movie's ending, and so this happened... It'll probably have some more parts. First try at Snowpiercer fic. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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Chapter 2

RIP Blackie

Feb. 1st, 2015 10:58 pm
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So, we had to put our cat to sleep tonight.

He was a stray who turned up outside our house not long after we moved in, and me and my Aunt Bernie spent a long time just feeding him outside everyday and getting him to trust us. Then we started letting him in the house. At first it was just for a night, and then it was, 'it's raining, he should stay in' and then it was 'it's winter, it's cold, he can't stay out in that,' and then 'it's summer, too hot, he should stay in' and then he just stayed in all the time. In the infinite creativity of kid!brains, we called him Blackie (and made this sound less common by declaring that his 'real name' was 'Blacken Decker,' a store at which my Aunt used to work, though, as is the case with most felines, we pretty much just said 'Here Kitty, kitty kitty!' Upon finally declaring him 'our cat' we took him to the vet, only to discover he was already fixed. He'd belonged to someone before, or else he'd gotten caught in one of those catch and release traps and had been fixed. He also had a claw that wouldn't retract, and the vet said this was likely from a BB gun. He'd had an exciting life before he came to us.

He used to always stay on my Aunt's side of the house, and while he was friendlier than the evilbitch!cat my parents had at the time, Amanda, he was still pretty shy. My Aunt died in 2001, but Blackie still mostly stayed on her side of our house, and over the years slowly migrated over. It was only in his senility that he started acting cat-like, either that or the dogs had finally rubbed off on him - he turned into this crazy begging fool. One day, just last fall, I'd made myself dinner, went to get a drink and found the cat on the table eating my food.

But, anyway. He had this thing on his side that finally ruptured and was bleeding everywhere, and so tonight was the night. A trip to the emergency vet and a couple hundred dollars later and that was it.

This is the first time in my life we haven't had a cat. It's kind of weird.
1994 - 2/1/2015

Trope Bingo

Jan. 3rd, 2015 03:46 pm
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bridezilla forced to marry rich in dollars poor in sense au: hooker/porn/stripper imaginary friend
time travel sharing a bed day at the beach fusion virgin!fic/secretly a virgin
faking amnesia accidental baby acquisition WILD CARD presumed dead they killed kenny again
mind control au: were/vamp/supernatural au: daemons mistletoe kiss au: neighbors
secret child obnoxious in-laws au: magic dinner with the boss de-aged
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Fic 2014

Dec. 31st, 2014 11:49 pm
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List of ficcage for 2014:

Hunted - Hotel Transylvania
Banana Feels - Psych
Til Morning Comes - Scooby Doo
Snow Days - Hawaii 5-0
Miles to Go Before I Sleep - Primeval
Burning Brighter Still - Sky High
Drowning - My Babysitter's A Vampire
Seeing the Signs - Mind Games
Safe to Shore - Jaws
Rule #5: Stick Together - Zombieland
Memories Are Made of This - 100 Deeds for Eddie McDown
Used - Royal Pains
It Won't Be Me - Haven
Future Plans - Rugrats
While Rome Burned - Night at the Museum
Living, Not Surviving - Person of Interest
Fault - Hawaii 5-0
Worry - Forgotten
Understanding - Almost Human
Haywire - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Safe Haven - Maleficent
A Bang Up Marriage Proposal - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Reasonable Doubt - Numb3rs
A Stolen Moment - Walking Dead
Sleep - Numb3rs
Out of the Cold - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Surprises - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Yuletide Fic]

Word Count: 66,107

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Title: Surprises
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Angst. Drama. Romance. Humor.
Ratings: M
Word Count: 1563
Pairings/Characters: Harry Lockhart/Perry van Shrike, Harry/Harmony mentioned.
Synopsis: Perry comes home to a pile of closed cases and a surprisingly sober Harry, which is weird, since that hasn't happened any of the other seven times he and Harmony have called it quits.
Comments: Hello and Happy Holidays! I really, really hope you like this! I admittedly haven't seen the movie in forever, and my brain just didn't want to get into their voices as well as I've managed in the past, but hopefully they aren't too out of character here. (Also, characters aren't mine.)

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Title: Out of the Cold
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Drama. Romance. Trope-y.
Ratings: M
Word Count: 2,723
Pairings/Characters: Hansel/Ben
Synopsis: In which Hansel and Ben find themselves trapped in an old cottage in the woods in the middle of a fierce snowstorm. What else is there to do but huddle for warmth?
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: inclement weather. This is a follow up to my other Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters fic, Haywire, so you should probably read that first. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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RIP Luna

Dec. 29th, 2014 12:13 pm
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Well, another sad day.

1. We got Luna from my grandfather's nextdoor neighbor, who had her living outside in like a 4x4 concrete square of yard. Mom talked them into giving her up, but instead of just, you know, giving her to us, they took her to the humane society and by the time we found out she was there, we were third in line to get her. Somehow, the other two potential adopters fell through and so we ended up with her. I remember we got her the day after an Aaron Carter concert and Zach and I ended up not really caring about the concert at all because PUPPY TOMORROW. Not that she was really a puppy, at 14 months, but still.

2. She ruled the house. Colby was fucking terrified at her. My room and Zach's room are both at the end of the same hallway, and Luna's been pretty much confined to that hallway, so Colby turned into a giant wuss whenever it was time for bed. He refused to go down the hallway until you blocked Luna off and then he'd run down the hallway really quickly. Goofs.

3. Zach joked that you could play rock-paper-scissors with our dogs. Colby's scared of Luna, Luna's scared of Radar and Radar's scared of Colby.

3. Buddy was mine, Nash was Dad's, Luna was Zach's. He's taking this super hard, but at least he knew it was coming, she was old and sick.
06/22/2000 (08/22/2002) - 12/29/2014

Fic: Sleep

Dec. 25th, 2014 02:49 am
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Title: Sleep
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Fluff. Angst. Post-Ep.
Ratings: K+
Word Count: 603
Pairings/Characters: Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes.
Synopsis: In It's been fifty eight hours and twenty seven minutes since Colby has last seen a bed.
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: sleep (wild card). This is post-ep for 5x08 - 36 Hours. Established relationship. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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Title: A Stolen Moment
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Episode Tag. Angst. Romance.
Ratings: T
Word Count: 1,124
Pairings/Characters: Rick Grimes/Daryl Dixon.
Synopsis: In which Daryl and Rick get a moment to themselves in the wake of Daryl's close call.
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: private. Spoilers for 4x07 - Crossed. First try writing for Walking Dead, hopefully no one is terribly OOC. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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Officially 24. God, this is getting weird. Where did the year go?
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Title: Reasonable Doubt
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Angst. Family. Episode Tag.
Ratings: T
Word Count: 1,372
Pairings/Characters: Charlie Eppes, Don Eppes. (Charlie/Colby), mentions of other characters.
Synopsis: In which Don finds Charlie after Colby is outed as a spy by the Janus List.
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: believe. First try writing for Numb3rs. Ugh, established relationship between Colby and Charlie (who is not dating Amita, obviously). Might try to add another part. Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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So, another concert. Only the second one this year, and the last - if you don't count a play in November (which I don't).

This one was in DC, always a fun trek. We left around 430, hit minimal traffic and made it there just before 6. Found a parking garage and since we had a not inconsiderable amount of time to kill, we decided to look for a place to grab some food. Dad had been to some place with Mom the only other time they'd been to the Warner Theater, so we walked that way. Found it, only to discover that the place was closed for the evening for a private event. Damn it. Found some other place to eat nearby (ended up with an overpriced, unimpressive crabcake sandwich, but hey, food is food) and then, just after 7 now, we headed back to the Theater. Doors opened, found our seats, and chilled until 8 when the concert started.

Jason Mraz came out to intro Raining Jane, the group he'd written his latest album with. They're sort of his opener, but not really? They place 3 songs by themselves, and they weren't bad. Songs were called Storming, From Me To You, and The Opposite of Blue. Then Jason came back out, did A Beautiful Mess (co-written with Raining Jane), a cover of Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics), Dynamo of Volition and Lucky mashed with a cover of I Know This Much Is True (Spandau Ballet)all with RJ, though the whole thing was peppered with funny stories and silly jokes. Did a cover of Won't You Be My Neighbor (the Mr. Roger's theme) by himself, then RJ joined in again for Hello You Beautiful Thing, Make It Mine, and Quiet. Did The Remedy (I Won't Worry) solo, then did 3 Things with Raining Jane. Then Back to the Earth straight into Living in the Moment with them. Mr. Curiosity was next, solo. Ended Part 1 with Bottom of the Sea.

After a 20 minute break, things picked up at 10 with Part 2 of this surprisingly long concert. Started with Love Someone, Only Human, and Life Is Wonderful with Raining Jane. Pulled a girl up on stage with him for a Long Drive solo. Did 93 Million Miles after that with RJ, A World With You without RJ. Raining Jane joined for the last few songs, Shine, I'm Yours, and I Won't Give Up and after 25 songs (I think?), at 11 o'clock, the show ended.

Made a surprisingly swift exit, and an equally swift escape from the parking garage, and traffic was minimal on the drive home (though the fog was definitely not minimal and was, in places, scary as fuck. Still, made it home around 12:15.

My camera was not in a good mood, so I didn't pull quite as many awesome pics as usual (plus my Dad's camera is new and impressively better than mine) so I lost the in-my-head competition. These pics are all mine, though. Haven't swapped cards yet.
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csi_sanders1129: (halloween)
happy october
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Title: A Bang Up Marriage Proposal
Chapters: 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] csi_sanders1129
Genre: Hurt/Comfort. Drama. Romance. Humor.
Ratings: M (for obvious language, this is KKBB).
Word Count: 3,068
Pairings/Characters: Harry Lockhart/Perry Van Shrike
Synopsis: In which Harry is injured on a case (again) and Perry's reaction is unexpected.
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: forever. This is set in May of 2008 (which is when I started writing this thing, I think, it got lost in a notebook for a while). Characters are not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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So, first concert all year. First concert since... November? Whenever Straight No Chaser was.

It's been fucking pouring all day long, so we left a little early. Made it downtown by like 5:30, which is when the gates were set to open. Took a few minutes to get in. Chilled til 7.

Opening act was Andrew McMahon, who is also the lead singer from Jack's Mannequin (things I did not know). He played: Dark Blue (JM), Resolution (JM), High Dive, Bruised (JM), Cecilia and the Satellite, I Woke Up In A Car (Something Corporate), and Synesthesia..

Matt Nathanson and Gavin DeGraw are co-headlining this tour, so they trade off who's up first and tonight was Matt's turn, so he came on about 7:45 and played til about 9. He did: Kill the Lights, Annie, Car Crash mashed with Iggy Azalea's Fancy, Run, Mission Bells, Room @ the End of the Word mashed with a little bit of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Kinks Shirt, Laid, Wedding Dress with a Raining In Baltimore (Counting Crows) intro because it, you know, was. Then Suspended, Faster mixed with a little of George Micheal's Faith, his new one, Headphones - he ran around for this one, got a high five. Added in an extra song with Little Victories for Robin Williams, ended with Come On Get Higher mashed with You're The One That I Want from Grease for some reason. He was his usual talky, goofy self. Just as Room @ the End of the World started (my favorite out of the songs he played tonight) our usual trouble found us - here comes a Security guy asking about the cameras. We both have Nikon Coolpix things with pretty good zooms but are not "professional cameras" by usual concert standards, and the venue specifically sent an email the other day giving the usual 'no video, no detachable lenses' spiel - I had to stop in the middle of the concert, get out my phone, find the damn email and prove it to the guy before he left us alone. Ughhhhh.

Gavin was up last, came on stage around 9:30 and played til just before 11. He played: Leading Man, Chariot, Sweeter, Heartbreak, Follow Through, We Belong Together, Best I Ever Had, Where the Streets Have No Name (U2 cover) straight into Everything Will Change, Radiation straight into Rich Girl (Hall & Oates cover), then Soldier, In Love With a Girl, Finest Hour, I Don't Wanna Be, Make a Move, and ended with Not Over You.

Made it out surprisingly quickly and we were home by like 11:30.

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