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So, last concert of the year unless something else pops up. This one was at Rams Head, haven't been there in forever. Was not entirely looking forward to this one, given that it was the only one this year a) after the new job and b) not on a weekend, so I had to get up at fucking 530, work 8 hours, not get a nap and then go to this, and then get up at 530 and do it again the next morning, but once we got there it was fine. We left at like 430, grabbed some dinner and got downtown by like 530. Checked into the Rockstar entrace so we could get in first for a chance at the rail and chill in the bar in the meantime. Doors opened at 7. The began the standing around being bored portion of the evening. Also the rail was sticky.

Parachute came on at 8 and played til 850 or so. They did: She Is Love, partially acoustically, as the lead singer, Will, came out solo at first, and the rest of the band came out about halfway through. He also jumped off the piano and nearly broke it, which wouldn't have been good because they seem to share it with Mat Kearney. Then Ghost, Can't Help, Want to Want Me (Jason Derulo cover), Lonely With Me, Kiss Me Slowly, Get Away, What I Know, Something To Believe In and they ended on Didn't See It Coming. Thus began the 30 minutes of nothing in between sets. Managed to get the setlist, almost got a pic. Actually got two setlists, gave one to the girls next to us who we'd been chatting with all night. My camera did not like their lighting so I got like no pictures of them. Dad got a few, since his is better.

Mat Kearney came out at like 920, I think, played til just before 11. He had better lights, so we got better pics, but still not great. Moving On, Count on Me, Fire & Rain, Young Dumb & In Love, Closer to Love, One Black Sheep, a mash-up of New York To California/In the Middle, Where We Gonna Go from Here, Nothing Left to Lose, Undeniable, Runaway - as with the two times we've seen him before, he continued his trend of standing on the rails and jumping down into the crowd. Went in right where Dad was, which was a bit of a surprise to him - She Got the Honey, Heartbeat, Sooner or Later, Billion, and Hey Mama. Encored with Just Kids, Ships In The Night, and then pulled Parachute back out for a Bruce Springsteen cover of Dancing In The Dark. Nailed the setlist for him, too.

After the show, we headed over to Parachute's merch booth, where they were all hanging out. Met them for the third time, which Will, at least, seemed to recall because he was like 'You've been to a show before, haven't you?' and I was like, 'Yeah, at Recher' and we talked about that for a minute (as it has since closed down, which sucks, becasue it was an awesome venue (well, not closed down, but it's like a night club now and nothing interesting happens there)) and I was like 'Yeah, the fist time we saw you guys, you were still Sparky's Flaw,' and he was like 'Wow, that was a long time ago!' and then got them to sign the setlist and take a picture. From there, we headed outside to loiter near the tour buses to see if Mat would come out and sign, but we stuck around for like 45 minutes and he never showed and I had to be awake again in like 5 hours, so. Probably came out right after we left, I'm sure.

Anyhow, awesome concert.

Will, of Parachute (Dad's pics)

Mat Kearney

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So, saw Ed Sheeran in Washington DC last night.

Dad and I left around 3, anticipating traffic issues because the Pope was flying into DC today. Hit 3 traffic jams, none of which were actually in DC, but still made it there by 5. Grabbed dinner at the Greene Turtle attached to the Verizon Center (delicious Eastern Shore Mac & Cheese – crab meat and macaroni and bacon and onion and cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeee), and then met up with one of my co-workers who bought our extra tickets from me.

Headed in at 6:30, grabbed some drinks, a shirt. Chilled til 7:30 when Christina Perri started up. We’ve seen her as an opener before, maybe a few times? Anyway, she did Shot Me In The Heart, Arms, Run, Distance, Burning Gold, Jar Of Hearts, A Thousand Years and Human. She was done just after 8, I think.

Ed Sheeran started at like 8:45, I think. Went til 10:30. They were recording the show, so they had extra cameras around. He played: I'm a Mess, Lego House, Drunk , Take It Back / Superstition* / Ain't No Sunshine*, One, Photograph, Bloodstream, Tenerife Sea, Don't / Loyal* / Nina, Feeling Good* / I See Fire, Be My Forever (with Christina Perri),I Was Made to Love Her*, Thinking Out Loud (with Stevie Wonders harmonica player?), and The A Team. Encored with You Need Me I Don’t Need You mashed with a song I did not know, and then finished with Sing. It was good, really high energy. Glad we went tonight, though, as tomorrow the Pope is actually doing stuff around the city and that’ll cause nice chaotic traffic shenanigans, I’m sure. Also, phew, first concert since my new job started and damn, getting 3 hours of sleep, working for 9 hours, and then immediately going to a concert (when it is typically nap time), coming home, getting 3 more hours of sleep and working another 9 is exhausting.


Jun. 20th, 2015 11:59 pm
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Adventurous Day Part 2!

After a traffic-y jaunt from DC to Columbia, Mom and I got to Merriweather around 630. She took off for home, but Dad and I grabbed some food from the mall and found a decent spot in the parking garage across the street from Merriweather. We chilled for a little while, wandered over around 7, and chilled for a while, aware that some inclement weather was incoming.

There was only one opening group - The Antlers, who I have never heard anything by, but have heard of. They were supposed to start at 8 and Hozier as suppoer to start at 9. However, at 745, someone came out and announced that the Antlers would play early and that after, as the storms were rolling in, they'd go on rain delay. They said that anyone under the pavillion (us, luckily) should stay put in their seats, but that anyone on the lawn should go back to their cars until they gave the all clear and then come back in. Sure enough, the Antlers played from 7:50 to 8:10 and then it started storming. It was pretty crazy for a while, some gusty winds, some heavy downpours, lots of thunder and lightning. Unfortunately, none of the storming did much to alleviate the obnoxious humidity.

Anyway, at 915, when things were starting to clear up a bit, they announced that Hozier would be starting at 935, so 20 more minutes to kill. Don't think it ever actually stopped raining, though.

He played a pretty cool set - only one song I wanted didn't get played and looking at past setlists, it appears that it doesn't usually (In The Woods Somewhere). Anyhow, he played: Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene, From Eden, Jackie & Wilson, To Be Alone - during that one, he tried to get people to echo the oh's in small bits, but everyone just kept doing the whole thing, lol - Someone New, It Will Come Back, In A Week, Illinois Blues (Skip James cover), Like Real People Do, Arsonist's Lullaby, Sedated, and Take Me To Church. Encored with Cherry Wine, Problem (Arianna Grande cover), and ended with Work Song at 11.

Got soaked on the way out, had a rainy drive home.

Dad and I were worried about pictures at first, because the lighting for the Antlers wasn't spectacular, but the lights for Hozier resulted in some pretty awesome pictures, as did the relatively mellow nature of the concert. We both got some great shots.
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Jun. 20th, 2015 06:27 pm
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So for Christmas, I got tickets to the Newsies Musical.

But, that is only Part 1 of today's adventurous day of adventure.

Mom and I left the house around 1030 and made it to DC (after some trafficy nonsense) by like 1245ish, I think? We managed to find a place to park without issue, grabbed a rather unimpressive lunch, wandered around Barnes and Noble for a bit and headed to the National Theater, where the show started at 2.

We had pretty awesome seats - like 6th row on the left orchestra - and the building was blissfully cool after the gross humidity outside. The people behind us had no idea what the show was about, like no idea, so it was a rather interesting eavesdropped conversation listening to their theories based on the playbill.

I've seen the movie a ton of times and well, there were a lot of changes.



Apr. 25th, 2015 12:00 pm
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So I went to C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo).

no titleno titleno title

It was an adventure, to say the least.

I went 45 straight hours without sleep, everything hurt, but it was awesome.

I spent all of Friday night packing and trying (failing) to nap in preparation for the trip to come, but we left for the airport at like 3 in the morning, arrived just after 330, and I was on my own. It was my third time on an airplane (the other two occurrences both being to Orlando (in 1999 and 2008) and my first time flying alone. I flew Spirit, which is an airline that is tiny, but cheap ($200 round trip from BWI to O'Hare!) and works on the idea that if you are going from Point A to Point B with as little as possible, then they're for you. They charge for anything beyond a personal item - not a carry on, carry on's can be bigger than the 16x14x12 dimensions allowed for a personal item. They don't offer drinks or food for free on the flight, and there's no wifi. Only a two hour flight, though, so who can't live without those things?

Made it through security swiftly (not a lot of people in line for that at 345, it turns out). Chilled for a while with my iPod and a book. Had an egg and cheese bagel for breakfast before the plane started boarding and enjoyed a blissfully quiet flight. Took off at 620 (East Coast time) and landed at 720, Chicago time. That hour difference is small, but noticeable.

One bad thing about Spirit is that they are literally the furthest thing away from everything, so there was quite a journey between the super crowded gate we came off of (after 30 minutes of sitting on the runway waiting to get to it) and the taxi pick up place thing. Found a Starbucks along the way and got some caffeine before I got a taxi to the convention center in downtown Chicago. First time in one of those, too.

Got to McCormick Place at like 9, but you couldn't get onto the floor until 10, so sat around for a while and enjoyed the cosplayers. Found Waldo almost instantly, and spotted a rather creepy AHS clown lurking nearby, too.

Finally, at 10, the mass rush began.

I headed for the autograph lines first. Jason Momoa (Kahl Drogo on Game of Thrones) was my first goal. He was supposed to start signing at 10, but he did not show up until like 1115. Apparently, he'd gone to the gym for his daily workout and he'd gotten held up somewhere along the way and Chicago traffic did nothing to speed the situation along. Missed the one panel I wanted to see because of the delay, but eh, what can you do?

He finally showed up, though, and I got him to sign my Game of Thrones script (signed by George R R Martin (I won it in a Barnes and Noble contest that I have never had any recollection of entering)).

From there, I wandered around a bit, as I didn't have anything I needed to do until 1 something.

Met Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) at the Channel Awesome booth. Got a poster signed and a picture with him.

Headed to the Thrilling Adventure Hour booth and purchased the TAH Concert Film and Beyond Belief #1 (so I didn't have to spend a week badgering my comic shop for it, yay!)

Wandered back toward the autograph area and saw that Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones) had finally arrived. He was supposed to be there at 1030, but this was going on 12 and we never did get an explanation for his considerable delay. Got him to sign the book, as well.

Did some more general wandering - finally tracked down the booth selling Dragon Age stuff (Sanshee) and bought a set of pins (though sadly only 1 of the 2 sets, as the other was sold out). Around this time, the messenger bag I'd been lugging around gave up on me. One of the metal hook things just straight up snapped on me, so I had to finagle the strap into a knot around the handle that would hold up for the rest of the day - threw off the balance of the thing, though, so it killed my shoulders, that was fun.

Photo-Op with the Thrilling Adventure Hour was the next thing I had to do, that was at 1. Lined up a little early, wasn't too far back in the line. They were all super super super nice. They asked what else I was gonna do at C2E2 and I was like 'I'm gonna see your shows tonight, flew all the way from Maryland to see you guys!' which they were happy to hear. I'd been awake for 21 hours at this point, which they seemed impressed by, as well. Asked what I wanted to do for the photo and I was just like 'I dunno,' and they were like 'Goofy? Awkward high school photo? Serious?' I went with goofy and got this:

no title

From there did some more aimless wandering, thought about getting food, but lines were all too long.

Bounced back to the Channel Awesome booth to get a better picture than the one I'd taken before.

Tried to get in line for Marc Evan Jackson/Timothy Omundson autographs, but they'd capped the line before I got to it.

Killed time until 230, when the Game of Thrones Photo-Op was happening. Jason Momoa was late to that, too, which set back his Photo-Ops, Finn Jones' Photo-Ops AND the GoT Photo Ops, so that was more standing in lines, and a much more fly-by experience than TAH had been. Here is that picture:

no title

Had more time to kill and had done everything I'd wanted to by this point, so more aimless wandering until it got late enough to leave. Spent a good twenty minutes trying to get the useless Curb App to work, never did get it to, finally ended up just grabbing one of the cabs around the convention center, had a really awesome driver for that leg of the trip, he gave me a quick tour of stuff we passed along the way and I explained why people were wandering around in crazy costumes.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour show was at a place called the Chop Shop in Wicker Park. The first show didn't start til 8, but I got there around 530ish, I think. Headed up to the bar to grab some food - ended up with a tasty burger and fries, a hard cider, then a rum and coke. Chatted with the dude next to me for a while (he was taking some crazy church history class (studying to become a pastor, I think?)) and loitered around until they opened the doors downstairs for the show.

Got a front row seat and killed some time talking to a really nice couple who ended up sitting next to me about TAH stuff and Welcome to Night Vale stuff and C2E2 stuff. Show started at like 815, went til 910 or so and proved to be truly awesome. Show 1 was an adaption of the first two issues of the TAH Sparks Nevada Image Comic books. Show 2 was the 3rd and 4th, which aren't out yet. So I totally know how that ends now. It was awesome, so so so so so awesome.

no title

The only unfortunate thing was that they kicked us all outside between the shows and then let us all back in. Thought for sure I wouldn't get back in the front row, but managed it. Show 2 started at 10, ended a little after 11. Hung around for a while and got my comic signed by Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Scott Adsit, Timothy Omundson, Craig Cackowski and Autumn Reeser (missed John Ross Bowie, Hal Lublin and Janet Varney). Got pictures with Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi and Timothy Omundson before heading out. Got 2 signed posters, too, one for each ticket (though each is missing some signatures? one is missing John Ross Bowie, Craig Cackowski and Timothy Omundson and the other is missing Ben Acker and Scott Adsit)

Tried the Curb App again with no success, ended up just grabbing one that was going by for the trip back to the airport. By this time I'd been awake like 32 hours.

Got to the airport around midnight, got my boarding pass and discovered security was closed until like 330. So, 3 hours of waiting in the bafflingly freezing main part of the airport, where there was a shortage of any food or beverage places. Read for a bit, tried to nap, but it was too fucking cold. Ended up eating up my data plan chatting with a friend in Hawaii for a while to keep sane (though I suspect I wasn't, given the craziness of that saved conversation). Finally got through security (sadly food/beverage was out of reach until 430). By this point, I was hella sore (from the bag and the walking and possibly the shivering?) and the hike back to the Spirit gate was torture.

Longest four hours ever, at that point.

Tried to sleep, couldn't. Tried to read, couldn't. Tried to internet, couldn't. Music was nice, but not enough. Food helped a little, at like 5, but that's around when he chaos started, too.

See, BWI must not have a lot of Spirit flights, but holy hell O'Hare had a ton. And Spirit only had 2 gates. Planed must have been coming in early or late or in the wrong order because they kept shuffling the departure gates around. There were two girls working the gates, who were running around like crazy the whole time I was there.

Also, I have no idea how I was more aware and coherent than 95% of the other airport patrons. Seriously, I was up to 42 hours by the time my plane started boarding, and somehow I could rattle off the altered gates for like 6 different flights. It's not like they weren't announcing it every five freaking minutes, but every minute or so someone would walk up to the gate their boarding pass said they should be at and you could just see the panic on their faces when a different place was listed. Sheesh.

no title

Finally got on the plane at like 810 (a good 40 minutes after we were supposed to start boarding). Ended up in one of the slightly bigger seats because I'd asked to swap my middle seat for an aisle (yay!). We were supposed to land in Baltimore at 11:01, but despite leaving late, we got in at like 10:50. Up to 44 hours now. Made the hike away from the Spirit gates again.

My parents were there to pick me up, but instead of just meeting me somewhere outside, they parked on the opposite end of the airport.

By this point, I was sort of hysterical. I needed to sleep and everything hurt and I thought I was so close and then the car was like so far away. I lost it a little, there.

Finally got in the car and finally got home and had a long shower and then I crashed out from 1 to 9, woke up for food, stayed up til 3, and then crashed out again until 1.

All in all, it was fun, but if I go next year I am getting a hotel.
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So, another concert. Only the second one this year, and the last - if you don't count a play in November (which I don't).

This one was in DC, always a fun trek. We left around 430, hit minimal traffic and made it there just before 6. Found a parking garage and since we had a not inconsiderable amount of time to kill, we decided to look for a place to grab some food. Dad had been to some place with Mom the only other time they'd been to the Warner Theater, so we walked that way. Found it, only to discover that the place was closed for the evening for a private event. Damn it. Found some other place to eat nearby (ended up with an overpriced, unimpressive crabcake sandwich, but hey, food is food) and then, just after 7 now, we headed back to the Theater. Doors opened, found our seats, and chilled until 8 when the concert started.

Jason Mraz came out to intro Raining Jane, the group he'd written his latest album with. They're sort of his opener, but not really? They place 3 songs by themselves, and they weren't bad. Songs were called Storming, From Me To You, and The Opposite of Blue. Then Jason came back out, did A Beautiful Mess (co-written with Raining Jane), a cover of Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics), Dynamo of Volition and Lucky mashed with a cover of I Know This Much Is True (Spandau Ballet)all with RJ, though the whole thing was peppered with funny stories and silly jokes. Did a cover of Won't You Be My Neighbor (the Mr. Roger's theme) by himself, then RJ joined in again for Hello You Beautiful Thing, Make It Mine, and Quiet. Did The Remedy (I Won't Worry) solo, then did 3 Things with Raining Jane. Then Back to the Earth straight into Living in the Moment with them. Mr. Curiosity was next, solo. Ended Part 1 with Bottom of the Sea.

After a 20 minute break, things picked up at 10 with Part 2 of this surprisingly long concert. Started with Love Someone, Only Human, and Life Is Wonderful with Raining Jane. Pulled a girl up on stage with him for a Long Drive solo. Did 93 Million Miles after that with RJ, A World With You without RJ. Raining Jane joined for the last few songs, Shine, I'm Yours, and I Won't Give Up and after 25 songs (I think?), at 11 o'clock, the show ended.

Made a surprisingly swift exit, and an equally swift escape from the parking garage, and traffic was minimal on the drive home (though the fog was definitely not minimal and was, in places, scary as fuck. Still, made it home around 12:15.

My camera was not in a good mood, so I didn't pull quite as many awesome pics as usual (plus my Dad's camera is new and impressively better than mine) so I lost the in-my-head competition. These pics are all mine, though. Haven't swapped cards yet.
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So, first concert all year. First concert since... November? Whenever Straight No Chaser was.

It's been fucking pouring all day long, so we left a little early. Made it downtown by like 5:30, which is when the gates were set to open. Took a few minutes to get in. Chilled til 7.

Opening act was Andrew McMahon, who is also the lead singer from Jack's Mannequin (things I did not know). He played: Dark Blue (JM), Resolution (JM), High Dive, Bruised (JM), Cecilia and the Satellite, I Woke Up In A Car (Something Corporate), and Synesthesia..

Matt Nathanson and Gavin DeGraw are co-headlining this tour, so they trade off who's up first and tonight was Matt's turn, so he came on about 7:45 and played til about 9. He did: Kill the Lights, Annie, Car Crash mashed with Iggy Azalea's Fancy, Run, Mission Bells, Room @ the End of the Word mashed with a little bit of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Kinks Shirt, Laid, Wedding Dress with a Raining In Baltimore (Counting Crows) intro because it, you know, was. Then Suspended, Faster mixed with a little of George Micheal's Faith, his new one, Headphones - he ran around for this one, got a high five. Added in an extra song with Little Victories for Robin Williams, ended with Come On Get Higher mashed with You're The One That I Want from Grease for some reason. He was his usual talky, goofy self. Just as Room @ the End of the World started (my favorite out of the songs he played tonight) our usual trouble found us - here comes a Security guy asking about the cameras. We both have Nikon Coolpix things with pretty good zooms but are not "professional cameras" by usual concert standards, and the venue specifically sent an email the other day giving the usual 'no video, no detachable lenses' spiel - I had to stop in the middle of the concert, get out my phone, find the damn email and prove it to the guy before he left us alone. Ughhhhh.

Gavin was up last, came on stage around 9:30 and played til just before 11. He played: Leading Man, Chariot, Sweeter, Heartbreak, Follow Through, We Belong Together, Best I Ever Had, Where the Streets Have No Name (U2 cover) straight into Everything Will Change, Radiation straight into Rich Girl (Hall & Oates cover), then Soldier, In Love With a Girl, Finest Hour, I Don't Wanna Be, Make a Move, and ended with Not Over You.

Made it out surprisingly quickly and we were home by like 11:30.

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So, first concert in a while.

Left around 530, hit almost no traffic, so we had a good hour and a half to kill when it only took 30 minutes to get downtown and parked. Spent most of that time draining the battery on my phone (read: 10 minutes on facebook) and regretting our decision not to do the dinner thing like we did last year (mmm, steak....)

Anyway, once we were in and seated, Dad and I were messing with his camera trying to get the flash to turn off. While I was checking it, one of the usher ladies came up and was like 'NOPHOTOGRAPHYRAWR!' and Dad and I were just like 'Say what?' because SNC got famous because of Youtube and people and viral videos and stuff, they actually encourage and wholly support taking as many pics and vids as you want. While the woman was talking to us, there was a thing on the video board that said 'Like us on facebook! Share your pictures and videos from the show with us,' so we just assumed she'd missed a meeting or something and chalked it up to our 'crazy people find us' luck.

Caroline Glaser (from Season 4 of the Voice) was opening. She was SNC's first ever opening act. She and her Thor-esque companion were pretty good. They did Tiny Dance (her blind audition song) and Death Cab for Cutie's I Will Follow You Into the Dark, then two original songs - Shipwreck and Money Tree. She was only on for like 20 minutes.

Anyway, SNC started their Intro Video (which is hilarious in and of itself) and that totally confirmed that our usher lady had no idea what she was talking about. Started in with an awesome mash-up of Roxanne and Locked Out of Heaven. Then Rolling in the Deep, I Won't Give Up, then a medley of Four Tops / Temptations songs. Then a What I'd Say/Hit the Road Jack/Mas Que Nada mash-up. Here they pulled 2 people from the audience (one was 3 people down from me), and made them play a game for silly prizes. It mostly just led to lots of silly jokes. Finished that and started in on Jolene (with Caroline Glaser assistance), Kiss From A Rose, and they ended their first half of the show with their Movie Medley (which is hilarious). Had a 20 minute Intermission break and part 2 of the set was Christmasy. Started with Santa Claus is Coming to Town, a new song from their Holiday EP - Nutcracker, which was hilariously awesome, another new song called Home By Christmas, Carol of the Bells, You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch, Hark the Herald Angels Sing/Angels We Have Heard on High mash-up, and the Christmas Can-Can. From their they did their Introductions and goofed around a bit. Then they did a Get Lucky/Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' mix and then a Blurred Lines/Kiss mix. Encore'd with 12 Days of Christmas (which was even funnier than usual when they started stealing each others parts). Then we got a bonus encore where they... acoustically? Is it acoustic if there are already no instruments? How about they sang without microphones, like it was a practice. They did that. They sang O Holy Night.
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So, another day, another concert.

We left for this one a little later than Dad strictly wanted to, and this was followed by several irksome moments on the ride down (gas station had no gas, slowest driver ever, back-ups on the beltway (because hello Friday rush hour)), but we still made it to Columbia by like 5:40. Grabbed some food at the mall across the street and still had like 30 minutes before the first opener started. We were sitting on opposite sides of the pavilion this time. First time we've done that. We've sat apart before, but this is the first time it's been that far apart. Only way we could get decent seats - as it was, the show was completely sold out.

First opener, Event Corps, was up first. Started at 7, played til 7:30. Don't know what they played, I kind of zoned out during their set.

Second opener, The Neighborhood, started at 7:45 and went to 8:30. I'd never heard of them and I remain fairly unimpressed. Also, they are the first band I've ever seen that barely had any lights. The stage was dark quite often, sporadically lit by flashy white lights. Not helpful for picture taking. Nor was the asshole in front of me - she must have had a press pass cause she'd disappear off with her giant camera for the beginning of the sets (general rules for press is 3 songs, so they're not irritating everyone), but when she came back she turned into this horrible annoying beast. She was in the front row, I was right behind her. When she first showed up, I was like 'Oh, good, she's tiny, she won't get in the way'. Wrong. She was the only person in the front row standing. She was the only person in the first few rows standing. I ask you, if no one else around you is standing, shouldn't you maybe be a little more considerate and sit the fuck down like everyone else? They do assign seats for a reason - if you wanted to be jumping up and down like a lunatic, try the GA pit. Ugh. People. So, all that set really managed to do was frustrate me.

Then, Imagine Dragons. This was apparently the biggest headlining show they'd ever done (and it sold out, whoot!) but for a headlining show, they don't play very many songs. They started at 9 and played til 10:20ish. Venue curfew is 11, which most bands hit, or at least get close to. They had decent lights, most of the time, aside from a few purple/blue lit songs that my camera didn't enjoy too much. Gor a few decent pics, at least. Anyway, setlist: Round and Round, Amsterdam, Tiptoe, Hear Me, Cha-Ching (Til We Get Older), Rocks, It's Time, Lay Me Down, Demons, Hang Me Up To Dry/Stand By Me (Cover), Underdog, On Top of the World, Radioactive, and encored with Nothing Left To Say. Sadly, my favorite song - Bleeding Out - was not among the 14 songs they did. And some of those songs are short. :(

Here are a couple of pics!

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons
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So, I wasn't actually supposed to go to this concert. But Dad talked me into it literally this afternoon. He hates going by himself, especially lately, cause his cameras been acting batshit crazy. We left about 4, made it down to Columbia by 4:50 or so, not bad timing, stopped at the mall for dinner and random wandering until the gates opened. They were still soundchecking when we headed over, so that took a little while, and it was just starting to drizzle when they let us in. Grabbed drinks and found our seats. We were both in the same row, just about ten seats apart, so not too bad there. Chilled til the show started.

7:05, Kelleigh Bannen started. Don't really know what she played, other than an okay song called 'Make You Famous,' which according to the internet does not exist? And also a pretty decent cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. She was done by like... 7:35 maybe.

Thomas Rhett (Akins) was up next. Started at 7:55, played til like 8:45 or so. Took us forever to figured out who he was, because we were confusing him with his father (Rhett Akins) and apparently that is why he often drops the Akins part of his name. Anyway, kept track of the setlist for him (since I got a semi-decent pic of it): Middle Class White Boy, Whatcha Got In That Cup, Make Me Wanna, Get Me Some Of That, Parking Lot Party (cut witha snippet of Beverly Hills by Weezer), Sorry For Partyin', Front Porch Junkies, Beer With Jesus, It Goes Like This, 1994, and Something To Do With My Hands. Also, interestingly enough, he was born the same year I was (1990).

Anyway. Luke Bryan. Started at 9, played til 10:45, I think. Setlist: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Country Man, Someone Else Calling You Baby, Rain Is a Good Thing, Crash My Party, That's My Kinda Night, Muckalee Creek Water, Suntan City, If You Ain't Here to Party (with snippets of Baby Got Back (Sir Mix A Lot), The Joker (Steve Miller Band), and Song of the South (Alabama)). Then they did Too Damn Young and Dirt Road Diaries out on the little stage, with LB on piano after he intro'd the band. Then they went into Do I? and The Only Way I Know, Drunk on You and then All My Friends Say with a snippet of Enter Sandman (Metallica). Encored with I Don't Want This Night to End cut with Taio Cruz' Dynamite, and then ended with Country Girl. He liked to throw beer. And Solo Cups. Got splashed numerous times. Not quite sure why this was a thing... Also, very butt-wiggly. Not complaining.

It wasn't too bad. There were a couple of annoying people. Dad almost got in a fight with some asshole who kept trying to sneak down into the GA pit (if you wanted to be in the pit so bad, why wouldn't you have just bought a GA ticket? Especially when they were cheaper than the other tickets?) and the lady in front of him almost ended up passing out from drinking too much (again, why would get so totally smashed at a concert? Don't you, I don't know, want to see the concert, given that you did pay money for it? And why would you waste money on $7 beers? Can't you just drink at home for way less money and irritate far fewer people?) Me, I had wavy hand people (can someone please explain the need to wave your hands up in the air for the entire fucking show? I don't understand?) It was some old guy waving his hands around crazily and trying to fist bump random people? All I know is that I wanted some sort of Ghost Ship-esque piano wire thing to go through at stupid-hand-over-head level and solve my problems.

Aside from that, it was a good show. Got some good pictures, too. Made it home pretty quickly, too, despite the crazy mass exodus of people.

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Dad and I left for Merriweather around 330, made it down there by 430. Had to head down absurdly early cause Dad won a meet and greet through the fanclub thingy, but only for one. Which, only fair, after I subjected him to Big Time Rush the other week... He headed over after grabbing a bite to eat, while I chilled at the mall a while. Lame mall, btw. Or maybe I just needed reminding how much I hate malls? Either way... I spent most of my time in Starbucks, reading World War Z.

Headed over myself (luckily without getting drenched by the random on and off all day storms), and headed in without issue. Stopped by to see how the meet and greet was proceeding - they were getting ready to go in for that - and then went to my seat to chill.

This is one of few concerts where Dad and I weren't sitting together. It was the only way to get good seats. We did it for BTR, but that's cause I got mine through the meet and greet and he just bought a regular ticket. We're doing it again for Imagine Dragons next month, but that's more of a sit on opposite sides of the pavilion thing as opposed to opposite sides of the section. Sucked for Dad, though, he got the end seat away from the stage, despite my offers to switch. Dad came back right before the opener started, said that the meet and greet went awesome (aside from all the swooning women) and that he was really nice and actually stopped to talk for a minute or two as opposed to some of there 'here's your hat, what's your hurry' ones we've had.

After an intro from the local country radio station queen, Dustin Lynch started things off at 7. I'd... never heard of him before, but he was pretty good. I think this was his setlist: Dancing in the Headlights, Yeah Yeah Yeah, She Cranks My Tractor, Hurricane, Dust on the Bottle (David Lee Murphy cover) and then Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake cover) (which was appropriate since JT was playing in town tonight, too). Cowboys And Angels and then Wild in Your Smile.

He was done by like 735 and they were set up for Little Big Town like 10 minutes later. They played
Little White Church, On Fire Tonight, Bring It On Home, Pavement Ends, Sober, Front Porch Thing, Your Side Of The Bed, The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover), Self Made, Tornado, Pontoon and Boondocks.

Keith Urban started at 9 and went til about 1045. He started with this instrumental openy bit, but then dove into Long Hot Summer and Sweet Thing. Then I Told You So and Stupid Boy, then one of his new ones, from the CD that comes out next month, called Even the Stars Fall 4 You, You Gonna Fly (with Little Big Town), Without You and Kiss a Girl (with Dustin Lynch). Then he ran up into the crowd on our side, up by the lawn, and did a little snippet of The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again, and then went straight into Days Go By, and ended on a snippet of Rumor Has It (Adele) sung by one of his band members. He did Once In A Lifetime up there, too, and came back to the stage after that. He did Better Life with a bandmate snippet of Some Nights (fun.), and then You'll Think Of Me, and Little Bit of Everything, which is another new one, then Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me and Somebody Like You. Encored with Tonight I Wanna Cry, done on the piano, mostly acoustically. Then a bandmate snippet of Locked Out of Heaven (Bruno Mars) and ended with You Look Good in My Shirt.

It was pretty cool. Nice and calm and not too many drunk people or any of the other annoying concert things. Dad had a few problematic people on his end, which, combined with the fact that his camera was acting all sorts of batshit crazy, resulted in a little frustration. Glad I took... 495 pictures to compensate for that. And killed both of my batteries for the first time ever... Knocked that down to less than 200, though.

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Been looking forward to this one for a while!

Had to be downtown by 3:10 for the meet and greet, left around 2 and didn't hit much traffic (yay!), got there around 2:55, and found an already pretty lengthy line. Chilled there til 3:20 or so, when they started checking us in/giving out our tickets (and thankfully, water). Started chatting with the lady in front of me. She was nice. They got us all lined up and finally (after one girl almost passed out from the rather toasty sunshine), they filed us all in for the soundcheck around 4:15 or so. Sat there for a bit longer, and then BTR came out.

They answered questions that the M&G group asked them (though, most of them were dumb questions (do your best impression of a Rusher, what's your favorite color, how old are you, do your best impression of a girl (to which they replied that they'd all had to dress up as girls on the show at one point or another, and inquired as to which of them was the best looking) and will you sing Mariachi (to which the answer was an amused yes, and involved a silly hat)) but in all fairness, most were asked by young kids). They did acoustic versions of Music Sounds Better With You and Windows Down between questions. Carlos was really cool, and so were James and Kendall, but Logan seemed kinda blah about everything. They asked if anyone watched the episode that aired last night and started talking about how sad they were and who cried and I was confused. I haven't watched in a while, so I had no idea that it was the series finale, so that sucks. Will need to catch up on that. The boys ducked out, and they sent s off to line up again or the meet and greet, which went way too fast, but given the sheer amount of people there, that wasn't really surprising. Thankfully, they didn't count people off for groups (because really, who wants pics with strangers?) Chatted with more line people, a mom with two little girls. They went ahead of me, and Carlos picked up the littler one for their pic. It was cute. My turn went quick, got a half-hug from Carlos, and a real hug from Kendall, and the picture taken. Another line for the gift bags/shirts, and then a quick stop at the merch stand (bought a cooler t-shirt), and then food, glorious food.

By then, it was almost 5:30, when the doors were set to open. I chatted with some people in the row behind me until Dad showed up. His seat was one row in front of me and a few seats further out from the center, but it was cool that we could still talk between sets and stuff.

Dad went to get food, we chilled by the Harbor for a little while, and then headed back in.

The first surprise opener (of two), came out while I was in an unending line for drinks, because by that point mine was gone. Jackson Guthy, whom I had never heard of and was not overly impressed by. Apparently he was on Ellen a month or two ago, but I got nothing. He played from 7, to not even 7:30, when the second opener, Olivia Somerlin, came out. Never heard of her either, and she was waaaaay too overly happy about everything 'I wrote this song because I believe that everyone is the star of their own movie! Hehe!' But, what, I, no. She was done by 8.

Victoria Justice started a little after 8, played til just before 9. Dunno what she played, but since she has a pretty consistent setlist, I'm gonna go with this: Freak The Freak Out, Beggin' on Your Knees, Cheer Me Up (with her sister), Take a Hint, Shake, I Love It (Icona Pop Cover), Gold, Best Friends Brother, Make It In America. She sort of encored with Make It Shine (the one song I knew!), and Here's 2 Us. Might be a tad out of order/missing something, but eh. Close enough.

BTR started at like 9:10, and played til 10:30. They opened with Windows Down. They ahve a cool trampoline riddled stage, which (while one of them is probably doomed to an injury at some point) was really fucking cool. Then 24/Seven, Music Sounds Better With You, Run Wild, Get Up, and Song For You. Then they brought the stools out for the acousticy bits. Did Crazy For You, Like Nobody's Around, and Na Na Na, then pulled a girl from the audience for Worldwide. The into Boyfriend and We Are (which they did out in the middle of the pavillion. When they came back to the stage, it was Amazing and Party All Night and Til I Forget About You. From there, Elevate and Confetti Falling. Encored with a mashup of The City Is Ours/Big Time Rush. It was super cool.

Perks: Less drunk people (most adults there had kids to drive home, or else were not old enough to drink). Short people (so many kids!).
Downsides: Posters (so many goddamned posters! (though someone did have an 'I <3 Helmet!' poster, which lol all around)). Felt guilty for being tall because I've been a short person at a concert when they won't let you stand on the chairs (*cough*NSYNC*cough*). Screaming (my ears have never rung so much...).

All in all, awesome.

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Well, first of all, today marked one year since we got Colby! It also would have been Buddy's Birthday.

Anyway. Concert. Dad and I left around 4:30, made it to the venue by like 5:15, grabbed a bite to eat at the mall across the street where we park (despite the 'no event parking' signs, because they're stupid (seriously, a) we eat at the mall before we go to the concert, and are therefore mall customers, b) we park in the furthest spots away (which are never occupied except on concert nights) and c) there are a ton of concert people parking there, so clearly everyone opts to ignore the pointless signs).

But, yeah. Wandered through the gates around 6:15, thankfully with no ridiculous hikes (though the path from the street to the gates makes for a wonderful drunk test course when leaving, especially when no one turns the lights on). Chilled until 7 when the first opener, Nic Cowan started. He only played a few songs, but he was pretty good. He sounds better live than on CD, I think. Dunno what he played, really.

By 7:35 the other opener was up, Levi Lowrey, a little more bluesy. He play a little longer, 8:10ish, I think. They'd both played in front of this weird curtain thing, which was weird.

Zac Brown Band started at about 8:40. Played til 10:30, which was a pretty lengthy set. 22 songs total. They played an into for a few minutes until the curtain dropped, and then started into Jump Right In, and then The Wind, As She's Walking Away, then Where The Boat Leaves From into a cover of Bob Marley's One Love, then Free with an Into the Mystic cover (Van Morrison). From there: Natural Disaster, Toes, Day That I Die, and a Ants Marching (Dave Matthews Band cover), and then Colder Weather. From there, they did an acoustic set out on the stage extension thing which included a cover of Seven Bridges Road (Eagles), their song Martin, then David Gray's Babylon, and James Taylor's The Frozen Man. Then it was back to the main stage for Keep Me In Mind, one of their really new songs = Day For The Dead, Knee Deep, Metallica's Enter Sandman, Goodbye In Her Eyes and Chicken Fried. Came back from the encore dressed as crazy black-lighted skeletons for Led Zeppelin's Kashmir and Charlie Daniels' The Devil Went Down to Georgia, which was well and truly epic.

Took us forever to get out of there, but made it home by 11:40 or so. Got some great pics despite some sucky lighting (and more distance than I've had at the last few shows, being right up by the stage).

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After a morning of running around on errands with Mom, and a quick nap, Dad and I left the house around 4:30, which seemed earlier than usual. This time Dad's paranoia over being later for things because of , kind of paid off. He's trained me to be this way, but he's ever earlier than me. Ugh, this won't help.

Anyway, stopped for a quick dinner, and headed downtown. Made it there just before 5:30, but the lots we usually park in were either a) full, or b) charging an absurd amount of money to park in (because all the others were full and the concert was sold out (plus there was an Orioles game (and it's Father's Day Weekend))). Anyway, we ended up parking a few streets over (and only paid 8$ to park!). Was a bit of a hike, especially with the not-well-advertised detour that made us double back almost allt he way to get tot he next Pier (since the bridge between them was... ugh, gone?). Managed to finally get over there and into the Pavilion around 6:30. That was a fun ordeal.

Anyway, chilled til 7, when Jana Kramer started. She played about a half hour. Only know what she played (short of her big single and the cover), cause I got a picture of the setlist: Radio, Good Time Comin' On, One Of The Boys, That's Hot, Whiskey, Bye Bye (Jo Dee Messina Cover), Why Ya Wanna, I Hope It Rains.

Also, a side note: I hate drunk people. This venue used to be so awesome at keeping people out of the aisles and off the stage. Dunno what's going on with that at all. And ugh, did I mention I hate drunk people. I am fairly certain some of the drunk-ass frat boys who were there will not even remember they were at a concert).

Anyway, I digress. Rodney Atkins was up next. (Also, I hate baseball caps, too. They make picture taking tricky). Came on around 7:50, played til about 8:40ish. We ended up leaning on the stage for this (security eventually stepped in and kicked everyone who wasn't in the first couple of rows out, so yay for that). Got some good pics from there. Anyway, kept that of the setlist for him: Farmer's Daughter, About The South, He's Mine, Take A Back Road - during this one, he held the mic stand out so people could grab picks (got one!) (having said that, he went through like a hundred picks) and there were handshakes in there, somewhere, too. Then - It's America, Friends With Tractors/an epically awesome Guitar/Bass battle, Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy), Watching You, These Are My People, If You're Going Through Hell.


They shooed us out in between sets, but when Darius Rucker started just around 9, the stage got swarmed again. The girls who'd been hanging out near the drunk ass frat boys ended up squished next to me, subtly trying to get me out of the way (didn't work). When that failed, one of them turned to being annoyingly friendly. Why do I need to give you, a random ass person, a high five in the middle of a concert? Why do I need to sway my hands through the whole damn show? Keep your hands out of my way and please, please stop hip-bumping me because you think I look sad. I am watching a concert and attempting to ignore the fact that you exist. Ugh. People. She did level out after a while, and we came to a sort of silent mutual agreement - keep your hands out of my way when the camera is up and I will participate (minutely) in the annoying handwaving ritual for sporadic moments when pestered.

Anyway, that was long. Here's the setlist (which I got! after much begging of the guy busting down the stage): Heartbreak Road, Alright, The Craziest Thing, Don't Think I Don't Think About It, Joker (Steve Miller Band Cover), Come Back Song, Southern State of Mind, It Won't Be Like This For Long, Only Wanna Be With You*, Radio, Let Her Cry*, Lost In You, History In The Making, Hold My Hand*, This, Family Traditions (w/ Jana Kramer, Rodney Atkins) (Hank Williams Jr Cover), and Tue Believers. Encored with Wagon Wheel, and a cover of Prince's Purple Rain. (* = Hootie & The Blowfish songs). Ended around 10:30. Snagged the setlist and bailed out of there. Hiked back to the car (a really, really cute police officer that was chatting with Dad (Dad is a dispatcher for another county, but one that does stuff with the City a lot) when we got lost in the garage. Made it home by 11:30ish.


Good show.


May. 12th, 2013 03:02 am
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Tonight was Get Your Preak On at Pier 6, a pre-Preakness party starring Phil Vassar. Not particularly invested/interested in Preakness (or any of the other horse races), but PV is one of few country people I hadn't seen yet.

It stormed like fucking mad right before we left for the concert, so ick. Lefta round 6, made it down there by 6:45, doors were already opened (yay for not-GA seating). Chilled for a while - watched people struggle to find their seats (the A1 row throws sooo many people off, but it's ridiculous) and were surrounded by people in the wrong seats (seriously, you literally CLICK ON your seat when you pick your ticket, you have to have SOME IDEA). But, anyway, I digress...

The opening act was a band called Old Dominion, whom I had never heard of. They were pretty cool, though. Started at 7:45, played 11 song in 45 minutes. Don't know many of them - they did do a song called Day One that was pretty awesome. They also did The Band Perry's song (co-written by one of their guys, though) Better Dig Two and their song Chainsaw, too. Some of their own songs included Crazy As It Is and Wake Up Loving You.

Phil Vassar started around 9? With no set setlist for any of his shows, they pretty much played whatever the hell they felt like playing, mixed with some requests from the audience. The first few songs, everyone stayed in their spots. Pier 6 is usually really strict about keeping people out of the aisles and stuff, but after the first few songs, there was a rush on the stage, and we all kind of realized that there was literally no one from security around. I should point out that the place was only like half-full, which has never happened before in any show I've been at there, so... I'm thinking they decided to go for a skeleton crew and they just said 'fuck it' when everyone started leaning on the stage. It seems like PV encourages that, so... yeah. Managed to get up to the stage, too, which resulted in some awesome pictures and a couple of handshakes as PV ran down the line. Also got my ticket signed. Rather, squiggled on, because it's not really anything moderately resembling letters? Someone else started the signing by removing teir bra and tossing it to him? Everyone else was a little more dignified and just held out tickets/shirts/hands/etc. Also, damn, the man likes climbing all over/jumping off of his specially reinforced piano. Anyway, yeah. Managed to mostly keep track of the setlist:

For A Little While, In A Real Love, Carlene, Bye Bye*, Six Pack Summer, Love Is A Beautiful Thing, Just Another Day In Paradise, Last Day Of My Life, Black & Whites (I think, anyway?), I'm Alright*, That's When I Love You, Love Is Alive, My Next 30 Years*, Amazing Grace, Highway To Hell/Jesse's Girl (done by his band while he took a quick break), added Little Red Rodeo on when he came back out, I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song), (dunno this one...). Encored with covers of Billy Joel's Big Shot and Piano Man.
* = written by PV, but generally known associated with Jo Dee Messina, Tim McGraw, and Collin Raye.

Ended at like 10:45, which is 15 minutes before the venue curfew, so I thought he'd play until then, but no. Managed to get out and get home pretty quick, too.

Picture taking was awesome this time. Pier 6 is waaaaaaaay better lit that Rams Head and well, we were just as close, pretty much, but yeah.
the first one is Matthew Ramsey, lead singer of Old Dominion. I have better pics, but I was digging the blue lights. The rest are Phil Vassar.


May. 6th, 2013 02:02 am
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So, been a while - since February, I think, yeah? Tonight was a band called Mike Mains and the Branches, William Beckett (formerly of The Academy Is...), hellogoodbye and Relient K. I've seen The Academy Is... before, and same with hellogoobye, but I'd never heard of MM and I'd never seen RK.

Made it downtown by like... 5:30, chilled until the doors opened at 6. Got decent spots on the rail by the stage. Suffered through the hour wait until the show actually started (always the longest hour everrrrrr). Mike Mains was up first. They weren't bad. Dad ended up buying their CD. Snapped a pic of their setlist, but someone has doctor worthy handwriting and I'm not quite interested enough to decipher it? They played until like 730ish.

William Beckett was up next, started around 740 and only played like... 6 songs. Compromising Me, Scarlett (Tokyo), Dear Life, Benny & June, Dig A Hole, and Great Night. I was hoping for more, and maybe for at least one TAI song (he's played After The Last Midtown Show at at least one other show on the tour, and he's also played like twice as many songs, to...) but nonetheless, it was awesome.

Hellogoodbye was next up, but they didn't start til like 8:40, after a really long soundcheck and a mix up with their setlist. I have no idea what they played, other than that they ended with one of two songs I know by them - Here In Your Arms (the other one I know being Touchdown, Turnaround). But,yeah. About halfway through the set, Dad and I ducked out of our spots on the rail. We knew we'd never get back to them, but we were okay with that. Or, well, I was. Dad didn't know anything by them anyway. Plus, William Beckett was hanging out by the merch tables. Got a poster and had that signed, and got a t-shirt, too. Got a picture with him. :) :D :)

Dad and I grabbed a drink and headed up the second level so we could watch the tailend of Here In Your Arms and then waited til almost 10 before Relient K started. Managed to snap a pic of their setlist, too, or else I wouldn't know almost all of that they played. I know a lot of their older stuff, but they newer? Not at all. It was good though. They played: Who I Am Hates Who I've Been, High of '75, Mood Rings, In Love with the 80's, Don't Blink, Candlelight, Sahara, The Lining Is Silver, Boomerang - William Beckett came back out for that one, Getting Into You, Holy Holy/Doxology, Motorcycle Drive By (Third Eye Blind cover), Forget And Not Slow Down, Collapsible Lung, ?, Sadie Hawkins Dance, and Savannah. We ducked out before Savannah was over and made it home super quick. :)

My only complaint was that the lighting was terrible for pictures. Rams Head can be like that sometimes - its a smallish place, but it's usually okay - they all used red and blue lights, mostly, which makes getting good pics hard. Plus, sometimes (mostly on William Beckett) the stage wasnt lit as well as it could've been, so... sadface for that.

But, then... this...
kind of makes up for that.

          William Beckett                               Forrest Kline (Hellogoodbye),               Matt Thiessen (Relient K)
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So, been a while since I've posted and all I really have to say is that Matchbox Twenty puts on a really good concert. They've been one of my Dad's 'I really, really wanna see them' bands. I think it consists otherwise of The Eagles. I've wanted to see them, too (though my shortlist involves Mumford & Sons, Fun., and also the Eagles).

But, yeah.

They were pretty cool.

Concert started at 8, but they let us in at 7:15 - bought a t-shirt and this cool USB wristband thing that gets you an .mp3 of the show. We'll see how that works tomorrow. Seats at 7:30, and the opening act, Phillip Phillips came on. Not really sure what he played. Five songs. Two I didn't know (research says they were A Fool's Dance and Man On The Moon) Then he did a cover of Thriller, which, lol. Then a slow song that was really good (and research names that as Where We Came From). And then he started in on this weird jazzy version of Home which eventually turned into the regular version. He was off by 8:30, and they were all set up for MB20 by 9.

And, well, they played a ton of songs. Started with Parade, then Bent. Disease and She's So Mean. How Far We've Come, 3 AM, Real World, Girl Like That, and then If You're Gone and Overjoyed. From there, All Your Reasons, Long Day, I Will, Unwell and a mash-up of Radio with a medley of some other songs anf then straight into So Sad So Lonely. From there - English Town, Rest Stop, Bright Lights and Sleeping At The Wheel. They encored with four songs: Our Song, Back To Good, Ch-Ch-Changes (Bowie cover), and they ended with Push just after 11. It was a really good show. Got lots of pics, too. Made it home by 1145 or so. :)

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Dad and I left around 4, made it to Merriweather (again) just before 5 (traffic on a Sunday is soooo much better than on a Friday). Grabbed dinner at the mall and wandered for a bit before heading across the street to the Pavilion.

Had to pick up tickets at Will Call, and gates were supposed to open at 5:30, but that came and went. Didn't get in til just after 6 (I suspect sound-checks ran late, given the testing123 thing that was going on and the lack of stereo-music playing) and then even when we did get in, they didn't let us down to the seats til nearly 6:20. Finally got seated (awesome on the rail seats, yay!) and had to wait til 7.

Some girl named Kristin Kelly was opening. Never heard of her and wasn't impressed. Dunno what she played, only played 30 minutes.

Little Big Town was the other opening act, they started at 7:45. They were cool. Fun and silly. Their lighting was not conductive to picture taking (red is an awful, awful back-lighting color, blast them). They played: Front Porch Thing, Little White Church, Bones, Yor Side Of The Bed, Sober, Born This Way (Lady Gaga Cover), Bring It On Home, Tornado, Self-Made, Pontoon and ended with Boondocks. Played til 8:45 or so.

Rascal Flatts started at 9, played til about 10:30. They were cool, even if they did a lot of moving around. Hard to get pictures of. The catwalk thingy out in the pit helped a lot, as did the raised bits of their stage. They played: Banjo, Summer Nights, Fast Cars & Freedom, These Days, Come Wake Me Up, and Hot In Here. Took requests from the audience and played snippets of My Wish, I Melt, and Prayin' For Daylight. Then Stand and Why Wait. Into snippet covers of Lean On Me (Bill Withers) and Open Arms (Journey), into Broken Road, drawn out (but impressive) drum/guitar solos that led into Me & My Gang, then Life Is A Highway and Here's To You. Encored with What Hurts The Most and then did a mash-up of Boston's Foreplay/Long Time with Kansas' Carry On My Wayward Son and Free Ride by the Edgar Winter Group (I think?) which was just awesomely awesome.

Got some good pics, got home fairly quickly.

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Dad and I left at like 4:15, made it to Merriweather by like 5:30. Stopped at the mall to a) kill time and b) grab dinner - yum, Sarku terriyaki... and then headed over to the venue at like 6:30. Got in, grabbed a t-shirt and a poster and spent a while staring into space down at the seats (long day with the puppy + no naps = spacey).

Christina Perri started at 7:45, played until like 8:20 or so. Jason Mraz actually came out at the start and intro'd her, which was odd, but cool. She played: Black & Blue, Run, Crazy, Be My Baby, A Thousand Years, Tragedy, Mine, then Jar Of Hearts. and finished with a song called Arms. ONly knew Jar of Hearts, which didn't sound particularly awesome live, but then again opening bands don't usually get the awesomest sound systems, so whatever.

Jason Mraz started at 8:50, ended at like 10:45. He's one of few acts that I really, really wanted to see, so this was super awesome. I do wish he'd played more old stuff (like Details In The Fabric, Geek In The Pink, Love For A Child, Coyotes, Wordplay, etc). It was a pretty awesome concert. This was the closest show to Richmond, apparently, and all of JM's family was at this show, so they were oddly calling it his hometown show. The place was packed, though. But, setlist went as follows: Everything Is Sound, Butterfly, You & I Both, The Remedy (I Won't Worry), Make It Mine, Only Human, Be Honest, Sunshine Song, Living In The Moment, Frank D. Fixer, Lucky, The Woman I Love, Beautiful Mess, Plane (yay!),You Fuckin' Did It, I'm Coming Over, I'm Yours/Three Little Birds Cover. Encored with Song For A Friend, Distance (sung w/ Christina Perri), and then 93 Million Miles and I Won't Give Up.

Had some camera issues. My memory card protested the second I took my camera out (luckily my Dad is ridiculously prepared for camera fails and had a spare). And then we had giants in front of us who swayed all the time, usually as soon as we got the cameras focused. We were in like the 7th? row, which was awesome, except that it was on the floor, so we weren't on stadium seating, so we couldn't really see over the people in front of us, which was kind of annoying. The poor lady next to us couldn't have been more than 4 ft tall, so that really had to suck. I'm like 5'8'' had my Frankenstein shoes(Sketcher's shape-up things that give me like an extra 2 inches), and I am overly skilled at standing/staying on my toes, and with all that I still had issues seeing. Can't imagine being 4' and dealing with it. Suckage. Did manage some decent pics, though. :)

DSCN0059DSCN0298Jm 8-24-12

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Cousins and Uncle showed up around 6:5, we had a fun and entertaining car ride down to Baltimore. Made it there just after 7, met up with Aunt. Found it odd that there was no SafetySuit merch available, but thought nothing of it, really. Doors opened at 7:20, instead of 7:30. The show was supposed to start at 8, but they actually ended up starting at 7:30 - to a sparsely filled auditorium.

Mike Sanchez was up first (whom I had never heard of) and yet I am not importing his EP. He played something that I can't figure out, 'Stuck In The Middle,' a cover of 'Use Somebody,' then 'Midnight Getaway,' and a cover of 'Without You' mixed with his song of the same name. He was good.

Then came a harder rock band called Beta Wolf (took us a while to figure out that they weren't saying Beowulf. And while I approved of their name (especially given my new Teen Wolf (*cough*Sterek*cough*) obsession, I couldn't get into their music and thus have no idea what they played.

Last opener was Mike Ruocco, who's from just down the street (YayBaltimore!) I'm importing his CD now, too and had likewise never heard of him. He played: Should've Known Better, I'm So Sorry, Too Late, Carry Me, Millionaire, 2 Hearts 2 Break, and finished with a cover of Cinder Road's 'Get In Get Out'. Ran out after his set to grab his CD, ended up standing in the short line to meet him. Got CD signed and a pic with him. :)

And then, at 9:40, Daughtry started. He's always so loud. Sometimes it makes his shows hard to hear, Anyway... he played: Renegade, Break The Spell, Feels Like Tonight, Crawling Back To You, What I Want, Outta My Head, Crazy, Start of Something New, Home, Rescue Me, Over You, No Surprise, cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker's Running Down A Dream, September. Encored with It's Not Over (hahaha), and There & Back Again.

Ended, almost got a drumstick, got out of there and home by 11:45. :)

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