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So for Christmas, I got tickets to the Newsies Musical.

But, that is only Part 1 of today's adventurous day of adventure.

Mom and I left the house around 1030 and made it to DC (after some trafficy nonsense) by like 1245ish, I think? We managed to find a place to park without issue, grabbed a rather unimpressive lunch, wandered around Barnes and Noble for a bit and headed to the National Theater, where the show started at 2.

We had pretty awesome seats - like 6th row on the left orchestra - and the building was blissfully cool after the gross humidity outside. The people behind us had no idea what the show was about, like no idea, so it was a rather interesting eavesdropped conversation listening to their theories based on the playbill.

I've seen the movie a ton of times and well, there were a lot of changes.




The biggest of which - they turned Denton into a teenage girl, love interest for Jack. And while Katherine Plumber (*cough* Katherine Pulitzer *cough*) makes for a far more plausible, more interesting female lead than Sarah did in the movie, eh, still not really a fan. Her songs were okay but my brain is so wired for the movie, they seemed out of place to me, I guess? As did all the weird lyricy changes to the original songs.

David is way less of a main character in the play, and unlike in the movie where he and Jack dive into friendship really quickly, Dave's pretty distant until suddenly he isn't. It's kind of weird. His family is mentioned - to the extent of talking about his father's accident (and that unions would have helped with that) but never seen (guess I'm okay with that because of Sarah). Les actually has some really funny parts (at Medda's theater, for example) but he also gets kind of bratty at points.

Spot is almost not in it at all, Brooklyn appears for one quick little scene at the rally before the rally is quickly ended, though not by a police raid like in the movie. The whole Jack working for Pulitzer plotline is kind of rushed - there's no visit to Crutchy in the Refuge, no Dave trying to break Jack out when Pulitzer gets him, no Delancey Brothers threatening Dave, no Sullivan backstory, no witty Brooklyn humor. They made Jack an artist and forgot to explain the whole 'TR carriage ride' thing beyond the fact that it was a thing that happened.

It did have some good points, though, and don't get me wrong, it was fun and entertaining and I really liked it. The dancing was awesome, the actor playing Jack was awesome - there are even more reprisals of Santa Fe in this than in the movie and they are better without Christian Bale's weird New York accent involved. It was funny, lots of snarky comments especially around Pulitzer, never really got tremendously serious though.

Did kind of stumble into the cast on the way out, though. Got most of them to sign the playbill, though with the mess of signatures on it, I have no idea whose is whose. Got a picture with Dan DeLuca, who played Jack. So that was cool.

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