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Birthdate:Nov 29
Location:United States of America
Website:My Fanfiction Archive
Hi, I'm Jess. Welcome to my journal. =) A few things you should probably know.

1. Feel free to friend me. I'm online all the time.

2. Also, feel free to defriend me. I won't take it personally.

3. I post fic, 99.999999% of it is slash. Actually, make that 100%. I don't think I've posted any of my old het fic on here. Be advised: Slash fic = Guy/Guy. Porny bits are occasionally present, but mostly I just write a lot of fluff and schmoop. I cut all my fics, but I don't warn for slash, because, um, hello, its all I write. Clicking on something you don't like isn't my fault. (See #2)

4. Be warned, while I do post fic, I also tend to ramble on about other stuff (i.e. school, work, friends, my dogs...) quite often. I am also a meme addict. I see a meme, I do it. End of story (See #2)

5. I don't friendslock very much. In the event I say something you disagree with, feel free to call me on it. If you're reading it out of context, I'll tell you. If not, well, I can take any flaming you can dish out. Or, (See #2)

6. As stated above, if you a disagree with me, say so. However, no flame wars on my journal, please. If you flame someone else for their opinion within 30 yards of my journal, see here. (See #2)

7. Still with me? Awesome. =) Oh, and thats another thing. Occasional misuse of grammar, chatspeak, and/or smiley faces may also be present. However, there will be nOnE oF tHiS ShIt. (See #2)

8. Welcome aboard!

Now that we're done with that... There is one more thing. I am kind of, okay, totally, a dork.

Need Evidence?

Zach: You might like to play Star Ocean.
Jessica: I’ve seen you play Star Ocean. It’s the thing with Robin’s voice actor.
Zach: No, that was Tales of Symphonia.
Jessica: Well, I remember the box. It was fireworks or something.
Zach: It was space.
Jessica: And there were blue and purple lights and stuff on it.
Zach: You mean stars?

Jess: So, my plot.?
Zach: What about it? You don't have a plot, you have an opening scene. What
do you want me to do?
Jess: Help?
Zach: With what?
Jess: Help.
Zach: Oh, I've got it. The guy's been dead the whole time.
Jess: Been done. It's called the Sixth Sense.
Zach: No way. Oh, um, how about they're sculpting and.
Jess: Ha. Got the reference. Move on.
Zach: Are you sure? What is it then?
Jess: Ghost.
Zach: Yeah. What about a grey kid who meows?
Jess: The Omen.
Zach: Really? I thought that was the Grudge.
Jess: Oh, yeah.
Zach: I win.

Jessica: I can see Perry carrying a hairpin.
Zach: Wouldn't a lock pick be more logical for Perry?
Jessica: That's a little harder to hide, isn't it?
Zach: Do you know how small a lock pick is?
Jessica: No. Show me.
Zach: About the size of a hairpin.

Zach: If I need further information about stab wounds..?
Jess: Ask her.
Zach: Good. Cause there'll be gunfights later and I'll need wound
Jess: Just to clarify, you just said you need info on stab wounds because
there are going to be gunfights?
Zach:. Shut up. (<-- This one proves its genetic, as my brother is clearly a dork, too)

Zach: It’s an MMO
Jess: Massively Multi-Player Online?
Zach: Yes, good job.
Jess: I’ve been practicing.
Zach: What’s an RPG?
Jess: Role Playing Game.
Zach: FPS?
Jess: First Person Shooter.
Zach: TPS?
Jess: Third Person Shooter.
Zach: RTS?
Jess: Ugh… Right… triangle… something?
Zach: No. Real Time Strategy. Moron.
Jess: Oh.
Zach: How about a QRT?
Jess: Um… Quantitative… Response… Time?
Zach: No.
Jess: What does it mean?
Zach: I don’t know, I just made it up.
Jess: Fuck you.

Last, but not least, the .... I am not finsihed here yet *grumbles*

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