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So, saw Ed Sheeran in Washington DC last night.

Dad and I left around 3, anticipating traffic issues because the Pope was flying into DC today. Hit 3 traffic jams, none of which were actually in DC, but still made it there by 5. Grabbed dinner at the Greene Turtle attached to the Verizon Center (delicious Eastern Shore Mac & Cheese – crab meat and macaroni and bacon and onion and cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeee), and then met up with one of my co-workers who bought our extra tickets from me.

Headed in at 6:30, grabbed some drinks, a shirt. Chilled til 7:30 when Christina Perri started up. We’ve seen her as an opener before, maybe a few times? Anyway, she did Shot Me In The Heart, Arms, Run, Distance, Burning Gold, Jar Of Hearts, A Thousand Years and Human. She was done just after 8, I think.

Ed Sheeran started at like 8:45, I think. Went til 10:30. They were recording the show, so they had extra cameras around. He played: I'm a Mess, Lego House, Drunk , Take It Back / Superstition* / Ain't No Sunshine*, One, Photograph, Bloodstream, Tenerife Sea, Don't / Loyal* / Nina, Feeling Good* / I See Fire, Be My Forever (with Christina Perri),I Was Made to Love Her*, Thinking Out Loud (with Stevie Wonders harmonica player?), and The A Team. Encored with You Need Me I Don’t Need You mashed with a song I did not know, and then finished with Sing. It was good, really high energy. Glad we went tonight, though, as tomorrow the Pope is actually doing stuff around the city and that’ll cause nice chaotic traffic shenanigans, I’m sure. Also, phew, first concert since my new job started and damn, getting 3 hours of sleep, working for 9 hours, and then immediately going to a concert (when it is typically nap time), coming home, getting 3 more hours of sleep and working another 9 is exhausting.

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