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So, last concert of the year unless something else pops up. This one was at Rams Head, haven't been there in forever. Was not entirely looking forward to this one, given that it was the only one this year a) after the new job and b) not on a weekend, so I had to get up at fucking 530, work 8 hours, not get a nap and then go to this, and then get up at 530 and do it again the next morning, but once we got there it was fine. We left at like 430, grabbed some dinner and got downtown by like 530. Checked into the Rockstar entrace so we could get in first for a chance at the rail and chill in the bar in the meantime. Doors opened at 7. The began the standing around being bored portion of the evening. Also the rail was sticky.

Parachute came on at 8 and played til 850 or so. They did: She Is Love, partially acoustically, as the lead singer, Will, came out solo at first, and the rest of the band came out about halfway through. He also jumped off the piano and nearly broke it, which wouldn't have been good because they seem to share it with Mat Kearney. Then Ghost, Can't Help, Want to Want Me (Jason Derulo cover), Lonely With Me, Kiss Me Slowly, Get Away, What I Know, Something To Believe In and they ended on Didn't See It Coming. Thus began the 30 minutes of nothing in between sets. Managed to get the setlist, almost got a pic. Actually got two setlists, gave one to the girls next to us who we'd been chatting with all night. My camera did not like their lighting so I got like no pictures of them. Dad got a few, since his is better.

Mat Kearney came out at like 920, I think, played til just before 11. He had better lights, so we got better pics, but still not great. Moving On, Count on Me, Fire & Rain, Young Dumb & In Love, Closer to Love, One Black Sheep, a mash-up of New York To California/In the Middle, Where We Gonna Go from Here, Nothing Left to Lose, Undeniable, Runaway - as with the two times we've seen him before, he continued his trend of standing on the rails and jumping down into the crowd. Went in right where Dad was, which was a bit of a surprise to him - She Got the Honey, Heartbeat, Sooner or Later, Billion, and Hey Mama. Encored with Just Kids, Ships In The Night, and then pulled Parachute back out for a Bruce Springsteen cover of Dancing In The Dark. Nailed the setlist for him, too.

After the show, we headed over to Parachute's merch booth, where they were all hanging out. Met them for the third time, which Will, at least, seemed to recall because he was like 'You've been to a show before, haven't you?' and I was like, 'Yeah, at Recher' and we talked about that for a minute (as it has since closed down, which sucks, becasue it was an awesome venue (well, not closed down, but it's like a night club now and nothing interesting happens there)) and I was like 'Yeah, the fist time we saw you guys, you were still Sparky's Flaw,' and he was like 'Wow, that was a long time ago!' and then got them to sign the setlist and take a picture. From there, we headed outside to loiter near the tour buses to see if Mat would come out and sign, but we stuck around for like 45 minutes and he never showed and I had to be awake again in like 5 hours, so. Probably came out right after we left, I'm sure.

Anyhow, awesome concert.

Will, of Parachute (Dad's pics)

Mat Kearney

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